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County board names committee members

The Pierce County Board of Supervisors announced Tuesday board management and committee assignments for the next two years.

Jeff Holst was again elected board chairman. He has been on the board since 2004 and represents District 16, made up of the Town of Diamond Bluff, Town of Oak Grove, Ward 2, and Town of Trenton, Ward 1.

By a 9-7 vote, Jon Aubart defeated Jim Ross to become board vice-chair. Aubart comes from District 3, which is the Town of River Falls, Ward 3, and City of River Falls, Ward 8. He’s been on the board since 2010. Aubart succeeds Greg Place as vice-chair, as Place chose not to seek re-election.

Jerry Kosin remains second vice-chairperson, as he defeated Ross by a 9-7 tally as well. Kosin represents District 15, which is the Town of Oak Grove, Ward 1, and City of Prescott, Wards 1 and 2. Kosin has served on the board since 1998. Kosin and Holst have the most longevity on the board.

Elected committees

FINANCE AND PERSONNEL (*returnee): Holst*, Aubart*, Kosin*, Dan Reis*, Ken Snow*, Bill Schroeder, Jim Ross; HIGHWAY: LeRoy Peterson*, Dale Auckland*, Cecil Bjork*,Dean Bergseng*, Schroeder; AGRICULTURE AND EXTENSION EDUCATION: Peterson*, Bergseng*, Kosin*, Auckland, Peter Pittman, LAND MANAGEMENT: Holst*, Aubart*, Ross*, LAW ENFORCEMENT: Ross*, Aubart*, Scott Bjork*, Snow*, Auckland; HUMAN SERVICES: Ruth Wood (three-year term), Brian O’Connell (two-year term), Robert Mercord (one-year term), Ogden Rogers* (citizen representative).

Appointed committees

ADRC: Cecil Bjork*, O’Connell; BOARD OF HEALTH: Aubart*, Wood*, Michael Kahlow*, O’Connell, Schroeder; BUILDING: Reis*, Kosin*, Scott Bjork*, Snow*, Kahlow; ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Cecil Bjork*; EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES: O’Connell; FAIR: Reis*, Peterson*, Mercord*, Bergseng*, Kosin; HIGHWAY SAFETY COORDINATOR: Kosin; HOUSING: Mercord*, Wood*; INDIANHEAD FEDERATED LIBRARY REPRESENTATIVE: Mercord*; INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT: Kahlow*, Ross*, Cecil Bjork; INFORMATION SERVICES: Aubart*, Kahlow, O’Connell; JOB TRAINING PARTNERSHIP ACT: Wood; LAND CONSERVATION: Same as Ag and Extension; LIBRARY: Mercord*, LOCAL EMERGENCY PLANNING: O’Connell; LOSS CONTROL: Pittman; METROPOLITAN COUNCIL: O’Connell; PARKS: Bergseng*, Snow*, Reis*, Scott Bjork, Greg Eaton* (citizen member – Shooting Range), Troy Ganslucker; RESOURCE CONSERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL: Pittman; REVOLVING LOAN FUND: Auckland*, Cecil Bjork; SOLID WASTE: Kosin*, Peterson*, Scott Bjork*, Cecil Bjork, Aubart; VETERANS SERVICES: Holst*, Ross*, Bergseng; WEST CAP: Wood.*