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Spring Valley board discusses vacant nursing home

By Sari Gordon 

SPRING VALLEY—Matters regarding the vacant former nursing home were handled by the Spring Valley Village Board earlier this month.

Jeff Nussbaum from Cedar Corporation, village engineering firm from Menomonie, reported only one bid was received to demolish the facility. The bid proposed a $129,000 asbestos removal job and the board approved re-bidding the project as a toxic waste (to include lead-based paint) abatement project only.

Village Administrator Rita Goveronski reported two people called the office to ask if they could tour the vacant nursing home. The two are "paranormal researchers" and wish to investigate reports of activity in the building. They will sign a waiver and bring their own respirators. The board agreed they were welcome to visit.

In a separate item, Nussbaum reported Verizon will install an air conditioner and painting has been completed.

For more please read the August 20 print version of the Herald.