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League of Women voters warns of census undercount in Wisconsin

MADISON - The League of Women Voters says Wisconsin could be under-counted in next year's Census because of the way the form is written.

League director Andrea Kaminski fears that Wisconsin snow-birds who spend their winters down south won't list the Badger State as their primary home. Unlike previous counts, Kaminski says a simplified form for 2010 will not give people a chance to list their primary residence as a place other than where they received the form.

So she's urging Wisconsinites to wait until they get home to give their information to the Census. And if they return after the April first deadline for mailing their forms, Kaminski says they should wait until a Census worker pays a follow-up visit in May or June.

The Census determines how much government aid each state and community will receive. And Kaminski says snow-birds will hurt Wisconsin and help their winter home if they fill it out there. Also, the Census determines how many U-S House representatives each state gets. But after losing one seat a year ago, some observers do not believe Wisconsin will lose another -- and they'll most likely keep their current eight members.