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Schoepp's got stamina to add clerk's position in Pierce County Town of El Paso

Schoepp's got stamina to add clerk's position

By Bill Kirk

TOWN OF EL PASO--Melanie Schoepp's new employment situation is similar to the marathons she runs.

Schoepp, who's a computer engineer at the Prairie Island Nuclear Plant near Red Wing, has added the Town of El Paso Clerk's position as another job. Beginning the town post at an especially busy time for government officials--near the end of the year--the new clerk estimates she's been putting in over 20 hours a week for it since her start in early October.

So like one of those running events she enjoys, can she keep up the pace in two jobs? Schoepp is confident, believing her duties for the latest one will ease by summer.

"Maybe I'll do this in retirement," she speculated Tuesday with a runner's view of endurance.

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