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Walker raises $2 million for governor's race

If money was the only thing that decides elections, Republican Scott Walker would be leading the governor's race. State reports filed yesterday show that Walker - the Milwaukee County executive - had just over two-million-dollars in his campaign fund at the end of last year.

Democrat Tom Barrett, the Milwaukee mayor, had one-point-six million. And Republican Mark Neumann, the former congressman and home-builder from Nashotah, had just under a million. Neumann has put almost a million-dollars of his own money into the campaign.

Walker's camp said it had 18,000 donors, including 321 who gave a-thousand or more. They said it's because people like Walker's message of lower taxes because they're scared about their jobs and family budgets. The Walker camp also bragged that they crashed the state's campaign finance reporting computer because of all the donors. But Reid Magney of the Government Accountability Board said the system never crashed.

Barrett's camp highlighted the speed in which they've been raising money. The Democrat pulled in $821,000 in the second half of last year, most of it in just six weeks since announcing his candidacy in mid-November. And they said the Republicans have been raising money at lot longer.

Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton, who quit the race in October, reported a balance of $42,000 after raising $108,000 in the final six months.