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Editorial: Pick who'd best deliver justice

Geography shouldn't be the determining factor in choosing a judge. Credentials and character should be.

The campaign for Pierce County judge has entered the final stretch, with Joe Boles and Bob Loberg emerging from the primary. Voters have five weeks to weigh which man is best qualified to replace Robert Wing.

At first blush, population base played a defining role in how the men fared in the primary.

Boles hails from River Falls. He carried the county's largest community 6-1 and garnered 2,026 votes countywide.

Loberg carried his base, Ellsworth, by more than a 3-1 margin. He received 1,759 total votes.

Because about 15 percent of eligible people voted Feb. 16, those spreads easily could change. We hope they do.

Both men have many fine qualities. Both are 57 and have solid experience, too. Loberg, for instance, has been the court-appointed Pierce County family court commissioner for nine years. Boles' experience includes nine years as a city prosecutor.

The Herald will publish candidate profiles in the coming weeks, so the pool of information about Boles and Loberg should grow. Readers are welcome to add to it, sharing their perspectives by submitting letters to the editor regarding these men and the race.

Whatever the outcome April 6, citizens must do their part. They should fairly, competently and thoroughly judge whom they believe would best deliver justice. The city or village where Boles and Loberg reside is of little concern.

Elect the best person for the Pierce County bench.