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Boles defeats Loberg to win judgeship

River Falls attorney Joe Boles was elected Pierce County judge Tuesday, defeating opponent Bob Loberg of Ellsworth. Boles got 54% of the vote total, and Loberg 46%.

Boles captured 4,342 votes to Loberg's 3,693.

Boles and Loberg were about even until results from the city of River Falls were tallied an hour after polls closed.

Boles defeated Loberg by 1,016 to 300 in the city of River Falls and 410 to 190 in the town of River Falls.

Loberg won a majority in all five of the county's villages. He carried the village of Ellsworth, 428-354. He also carried the city of Prescott, 537-362.

Boles will replace Judge Robert Wing, who is retiring.

Balloting results by town can be found on the Pierce County government web site at