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Dayton, Walker to talk about tax reciprocity

Governors Scott Walker and Mark Dayton plan to talk later this week about the $58-million that Wisconsin owes Minnesota.

Wisconsin's Walker said it was never the Badger State's intention to walk away from the payment. It's the final part of an income tax reciprocity agreement between the two states that former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty scrapped in 2009.

Walker says the state will pay the bill, and find a way to bring back the reciprocity - which allows people who live in one state and work in the other to file a single tax return.

Walker says tax reciprocity is a "significant concern" in western Wisconsin, and it's a key part of making it affordable to live in the state. The Republican governor went to Hudson and Superior yesterday to unveil a change in Wisconsin's welcoming signs - the brown border signs that look like the state map. Instead of the traditional governor's name, Walker is making the signs read "Open for Business." That's his slogan as he tries to bring new companies and jobs into Wisconsin. Walker said Dayton supports a tax hike for the wealthy - and it should convince Minnesota businesses to move to the Badger State.

Dayton would not criticize Walker for that, saying he wants to cooperate with his neighbor.