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Letter from Sen. Vinehout: Wisconsin Jobs -- Thank our Neighboring States

The Governor should give our neighboring governors thanks for more Wisconsinites working now than a year ago.

State employment numbers show 21,000 more Wisconsinites working this December than last December. Only 3,000 of these jobs were created in Wisconsin. The rest of our people had to go out-of-state to find work. The governors of our neighboring states were six times more successful than Governor Walker in creating jobs for Wisconsinites. We should thank them.

Governor Walker also takes credit for the unemployment rate coming down. What he does not say is the unemployment rate over the past year came down twice as fast across the nation. While Wisconsin's rate dropped a half a percent, the rest of the nation dropped a full percentage point. If this were a race, the Governor is saying "Look at me, I made it half way around the track. Don't pay attention to all the other states running ahead of us. And don't pay attention to the fact the neighboring governors carried me 85% of the way."

Our Governor should not take credit for what other governors have done. Governor Walker's plan is not working. The first year report card on achieving his goal of 250,000 jobs in four years is 3,000 down, 247,000 to go. I'd give him an 'F' for Failure to Progress.