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Afternoon News Brief - US Supreme Court upholds affordable care act

Wisconsin Republicans running for US Senate are carving out their position in the wake of the US Supreme Court upholding the affordable care act. All four candidates have long said they'll work to repeal the law if elected and today sent statements reinforcing that position. Tommy Thompson, who served as the US Health Secretary, says unlike his opponents he has "ideas and experience to actually bring down health costs and increase availability." Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald touts his time in the state legislature saying he'll repeal the law, "Just as I led the fight to kill the Democrat's $18 billion 'Healthy Wisconsin' tax hike in Wisconsin. Former Congressman Mark Neumann says unless the law is overturned, "we're going to consign our children to a future of debt." Businessman Eric Hovde says, "Regrettably, the Supreme Court failed to uphold the Constitution today." Each one is hoping to be the next Republican that Wisconsinites vote into a US Senate seat. In 2010, Ron Johnson defeated Democratic incumbent Russ Feingold. Johnson was businessman who says the reason he ran for office was to fight the health care overhaul. On the Democrats side, Tammy Baldwin is running for the seat of vacating Senator Herb Kohl. She supports the high court ruling adding justice appointed by both parties upheld the law. She says, "It is now time to come together and make this work."


About 300 members of the Duluth-based 148th Fighter Wing are preparing for a short deployment in Afghanistan this August. Major Audra Flanagan says they are sending jets, pilots, aircraft maintainers and support personnel who will put together what's called an aviation package to support ground commanders in Afghanistan. Major Flanagan says the deployment should last about two months. Flanagan says it will be a "combat environment" for soldiers serving at Kandahar Air Field


Democratic state Senator Mark Miller tells Republicans to give up on "political games," surrounding the Racine area recount. Miller is reacting to the possibility Republican Senator Van Waanggard may take the case to court. Waanggard requested a recount after being narrowly defeated in the June fifth recall by John Lehman. Lehman's win gives Democrats control in the Senate and gives Miller the majority leader post. Waanggard claims there is voter fraud and canvassers are now certifying questionable votes. Miller said in a statement, "It's time for Republicans to accept election results and focus on real issues."