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Incumbents rule in local elections Tuesday

Most incumbents were reelected Tuesday, April 2, in local elections for municipal and school board spots thoroughout Pierce County.

The following are unofficial results (* indicates incumbent):

Village of Bay City: President -- Jim Turvaville 34, Jon Ebensperger 15, Jack Celt 12; Trustee -- Seat 1: Ebensperger 43*, Seat 3: Jesse Hohmann* 62. All the candidates for President were write-in as no one was on the ballot. Turvaville, a Trustee, becomes President and his replacement will be appointed by the Board.

Village of Ellsworth: Gerald DeWolfe* 209, Neil Gulbranson* 244, Curt Wandmacher* 172, Kenny Manfred* 144, Curtis Betthauser 102

Ellsworth School Board: Doug Peterson* 915, Susan Beck 908, Dan Kaler* 841 (three seats were open)

Village of Elmwood: William Stewart* 84, Mike Sand* 96, Brian Buck* 82, Dolores Radtke 13. Radtke is a new trustee replacing Neil Boltik, who chose not to seek reelection.

Village of Maiden Rock: Judy Johnson-Daleiden 36, Steve Pomahatch 38. No incumbents were running. Johnson-Daleiden ran for President while Pomahatch for a trustee.

Village of Plum City: Doug Watkins* 119, Roland Eccles* 121, Leonard Dodson* 115.

Plum City School Board: Shirley Gilles* 246, Todd Bjurquist 222, Gail Fisher* 189 (two seats were open).

City of Prescott: Maureen Otwell* 93, Jeremy Shanklin* 21, John Hoschette 92, Randy Rowan 18. Otwell and Shanklin were incumbent Alderpersons for Ward 1&2 and 5&6 respectively. Hoschette and Rowan were running for Rob Daugherty's At-Large seat.

Prescott School Board: Michael Matzek* 637, Dan Smaida* 475.

Village of Spring Valley: Marsha Brunkhorst* 208, Mary Ducklow* 193, Andy Vorlicek* 192, Nick Falde* 164.

Spring Valley School Board: Jim Helmer* 678, Allan Faber* 500, Aaron Hannack 325.

In contested town races:

Incumbent John Rohl defeated Stuart Henning 140-98 for a Supervisor seat in the Town of Clifton.

Roger Billeter beat Cindy Kornmann 74-62 to become the new Chairperson for the Town of Ellsworth. Incumbent Barry Foy didn't seek reelection.

Ross Christopherson is the new Chairperson of the Town of Gilman. He defeated fellow challenger Tony Huppert 188-68 as longtime President Lorne Hanson chose not to seek another term. Gilman will also have a new Supervisor as Phil Verges will replace the seat held by Don Nellessen. Verges tallied 186 votes, while incumbent Jim Traynor had 149. Jeremy Donath had 84 and Nellessen finished with 78.

Incumbent Jerry Kosin was defeated as Town of Oak Grove Chairperson as Sarah Palodichuk won 258-160. All the other races were won by incumbents (Gary Huppert, Michael MacGregor, Jim Allen and Jeremy Boles) who ran unopposed.

More results will be posted upon availability.