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Minnesota News Roundup: No fifth term for Michele Bachman

A day after one of her biggest accomplishments was recognized, U-S House Republican Michele Bachmann said she would not run for a fifth two-year term in 2014. She made the announcement this morning on her Web site. Bachmann, a Tea Party favorite from Stillwater Minnesota, led a congressional effort to grant an environmental exemption for a new four-lane bridge over Saint Croix River into Wisconsin. A ground-breaking ceremony for the project was held yesterday in Stillwater, ending decades of legal and political battles over it. Bachmann does not have immediate future plans. She said her decision to leave had nothing to do with recent federal inquiries over alleged improper payments to the Iowa chairman of her 2012 presidential campaign. Bachmann also said it had nothing to do with an announcement by Democrat Jim Graves that he'll run for the House seat for a second time next year. Graves, who founded a hotel chain, just barely lost to Bachmann last November. Bachmann has been a vocal opponent of the Obama health care overall, and many of the president's other policies. In her video, she said quote, "I will continue to work overtime for the next 18 months in Congress, defending the same constitutional conservative values we have worked so hard on together."