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Letter from Rep. Petryk: Newest tax cuts signed into law

Wisconsin’s Newest Tax Cuts Signed into Law


This week, Governor Walker traveled to Cecil, Wisconsin to sign Special Session Senate Bill 1 (2013 Wisconsin Act 145) into law and he also spent time in Eau Claire spreading the good word about the tax relief coming to you, Wisconsin’s hardworking taxpayers. This bill was part of the Governor’s “Blueprint for Prosperity” plan of action. 

After we learned that our surplus was increasingly better than expected, the Governor determined the best course of action was to return this money to the taxpayers who had overpaid their taxes. The majority of the state’s $911 million surplus will provide necessary tax relief due to our prudent fiscal management. 

Special Session Senate Bill 1 provides $406 million in property tax relief. For the average homeowner, they will see a reduction of roughly $100 in their property tax bill. Furthermore, this Special Session bill cuts our state’s income taxes by $98.6 million. This particular tax reduction is specifically targeted at the lowest income tax bracket. What this all means is that every single taxpayer in Wisconsin will see a reduction on their income, property, and withholding taxes. To see how much money you will save under Special Session Senate Bill 1, please visit

Also recently signed into law by the Governor was Special Session Assembly Bill 2 (2013 Wisconsin Act 139). Also part of the Governor’s “Blueprint for Prosperity” plan, this new law provides $35.4 million to the Wisconsin Fast Forward program that will be used to provide workforce training grants to technical colleges, fund collaborative projects between school districts, technical colleges, and businesses, and provide funds to help persons with disabilities obtain meaningful employment. The development of our state’s workforce has been a top priority for me, my colleagues in the legislature, and the Governor. With the signing of Special Session Assembly Bill 2, we are closer to obtaining our goals of creating a qualified, skilled workforce that is desperately needed for the highest in-demand jobs. 


Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services

The Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services Board of Directors recently honored Ronald C. Johnson for his commitment and dedication to the board. Ron has served on the Board of Directors for twelve years, eleven of those years as the Chairman of the Board. It was my honor to be requested to sing the National Anthem at the commencement of the meeting and recognize Ron for his commitment to the board and congratulate him on his well-deserved retirement. 

Congratulations Ron!


(Ron Johnson, Marlys Johnson, and Representative Petryk)

2nd Annual Arkansaw Fur, Fish & Game Club Brush Burning Contest


It was my privilege to be asked to make the official coin-toss to begin the 2nd Annual Arkansaw Fur, Fish & Game Club Brush Burning Contest on March 1st at Dead Lake near Arkansaw. 

The Arkansaw Fur Fish & Game (the conservation club located in Arkansaw, Wisconsin) made two large brush piles while cleaning up a boat landing they own at Dead Lake. The brush needed to be burned, so on March 1st the competition began in mid-morning hours. 

It was decided that a challenge between two local bars in Arkansaw (Pete's and Sassy's) would be in order to see who the best brush pile burner is. After a fierce competition that lasted five hours, it was Sassy's Bar that came out the victor. Judge Carl Morsbach measured the piles of coals at 3:00 P.M. and announced that Sassy's pile was the smallest. 

Congratulations to Sassy's in Arkansaw!

(Representative Petryk with members of the Arkansaw Fur, Fish, and Game Club)

829th Engineer Company Send-off

Today I attended the send-off for the 829th Engineer Company at Fort McCoy. They are being deployed to support Operation Enduring Freedom. 

The 829th Engineer Company normally aids in the construction of buildings, but on this mission they will be de-constructing them in Afghanistan. The Company will conduct tailored de-construction and material reclamation missions while on deployment. The members of the Company have been training for this mission since late 2012. 

We all wish the men and women of the 829th Engineer Company a safe and productive deployment. Thank you for your selfless service to our country.

(Major General Donald Dunbar with Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and  members of the 829th Engineer Company)


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