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Stout campus damaged by recent heavy rains

MENOMONIE - Heavy rains caused heavy damage at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Campus officials in said the Friday night thunderstorms and floods caused 83,000 gallons of water to pour into a basement at the Jarvis Science Hall. Electricity was knocked out for much of a one-block complex of buildings on campus. Stout officials said an addition to the Jarvis Hall science wing would be closed for two weeks or more, since electrical distribution equipment was located in the flooded-out basement.

The science wing addition was opened several years ago at a cost of $43-million. Officials say the equipment is a total loss, after water was pumped out of the Jarvis facility during the weekend. There was also flooding in the Stout Memorial Student Center, and the basement of the Administration Building. Internet service was restored today to all but the Jarvis science wing.

Chancellor Charles Sorenson said many Stout employees worked during the weekend to get many facilities up-and-running today. It was the second straight year that a UW campus was hit hard with flooding. The UW-Superior library was flooded out just over a year ago last week, with damage to several other campus buildings.