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Minnesota companies named in lawsuit involving radiation exposure in western Wisconsin hospital

HUDSON -- A lawsuit claims that a Minneapolis design firm and a Twin Cities construction company made an error that exposed four CT technologists at a western Wisconsin hospital to excess radiation for years.

The lawsuit claims ten years ago construction crews were supposed to install a window made of lead-shielded glass in the room where the techs read the scans, but last year officials discovered it was made of regular glass, which lawyers for the four defendants say would have exposed workers to up to 20 times the usual amount of radiation. The hospital reported the flaw to the Wisconsin Department of Health, which recorded it as a construction error.

The suit names Mortenson Construction of Minneapolis; Hammel, Green and Abrahamson, a Minneapolis architectural and design firm; and Hammes Co. of Brookfield, Wisconsin -- the company that oversaw and managed construction of the facility. The hospital is not named in the lawsuit.