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WISCONSIN NEWS ROUNDUP: Service held Sunday to mark one-year Oak Creek Sikh shooting

A Sikh Temple leader in Oak Creek said lots of people were hurt by the shooting massacre at the temple a year ago today. Still, Pardeep Kaleka said a million good things came from it. Hundreds of people jammed the Oak Creek temple yesterday for an anniversary service. Flags, pictures, and roses reminded people of the six worshippers killed by gunman Wade Michael Page before he shot himself to death. Kaleka’s father – the temple’s president – died while trying to stop Page in his tracks. Kaleka said the tragedy spurred a “bigger calling” in the temple’s young members. He said quote, “I think they have a personal vendetta for peace.” Sikhs from throughout North America and India attended yesterday’s anniversary service. Governor Scott Walker and Congresswoman Gwen Moore joined them. Walker said he admired the Sikh community’s strength and concern for others – and those traits showed at a vigil soon after the shootings, where people showed love instead of hatred. Over 11-hundred people took part in a fund-raising run for the Sikh Temple on Saturday. Tonight, the anniversary observance ends with a meditation at six and a candlelight vigil at eight, both at the Oak Creek temple. 


The total cost of Wisconsin’s farm production went above 10-billion-dollars last year. A new report from the U-S-D-A said the Badger State’s total farm costs were just over 10-and-three-quarter billion dollars. That’s an increase of almost 12-and-a-half percent from the previous year, and bigger than the national jump of 10-point-four percent. Wisconsin’s livestock expenses dropped to two-point-seven percent of total farm costs, down from three-point-one percent a year ago. The state’s total livestock costs fell to 290-million dollars during a drought-plagued year, down from 300-million in 2011. Nationally, the U-S-D-A said the average farm spent almost 163-thousand dollars, up from over 146-thousand the year before. Expenses on crop farms jumped 17-percent to over 200-thousand dollars, while livestock farms spent 129-thousand – an increase of two-point-four percent. Crop farms had rent as their biggest expenses, while feed was the top livestock farm cost. California had the most farm expenses last year, with 31-billion dollars. Iowa was next at almost 27-billion. 


The Experimental Aircraft Association wrapped up its annual Air-Venture Show at Oshkosh yesterday. E-A-A chairman Jack Pelton said his group achieved one of its biggest goals just by putting on the week-long flight festival. That’s after the Federal Aviation Administration imposed a surprise 447-thousand-dollars in air traffic control fees due to the federal budget sequester. The E-A-A paid the fee under protest so it wouldn’t have to cancel the show. A request for a refund is still pending in federal court. Also, Pelton wanted a safe show, and he achieved that. Over a half-million people have attended the E-A-A Show in recent years – and we’ll find out soon how many attended this year. It attracted a record number of exhibitors, with 821. 


The third-highest Powerball jackpot ever is up for grabs on Wednesday night. The top prize will be at least 400-million dollars, after nobody won the jackpot Saturday night. One ticket in Wisconsin won 10-thousand dollars by matching four regular numbers plus the Powerball. Almost 31-thousand players in the Badger State won smaller prizes. Saturday's numbers were 21, 24, 36, 42, and 45. The Powerball was 15. Wednesday night's jackpot is the largest since Gloria MacKenzie of Florida won a Powerball-record 590-and-a-half million dollars in the May 18th drawing. The cash option for Wednesday is just over 230-million dollars. The odds of winning the top prize are beyond astronomical -- 1-in-175-million. In Mega Millions, the jackpot is at 20-million for tomorrow night. 

Jason Schulte

Jason Schulte is a reporter for the New Richmond News since February 2015. Prior to that he spent eight years at the Pierce County Herald in Ellsworth. His duties with the News will include covering news out of Hammond and Roberts along with action from St. Croix County court system. He lives in Roberts. 

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