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State conservation report includes a Pierce County 'success story'

A recent statewide land and water conservation report and publication features a story about efforts by Pierce County dairyman Carl Hendrickson's effort to ease the possibility of land and water contamination by manure run-off. Hendrickson built a containment facility large enough to contain eight months worth of waste from his 120-cow herd. Photo from the Wisconsin Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection.

MADISON – Wisconsin's 2012 Annual Land and Water Conservation Report is now available online, featuring conservation success stories from around the state-- including the story of a Beldenville-area dairyman who built a facility to accommodate eight months worth of manure from his 120-cow herd -- and details work done by state and federal agencies with local governments and landowners to keep the state's soil in place and waters clean.

One of the vignettes profiles dairy farmer Carl Hendrickson's project, in which he teamed with the Pierce County Land Conservation Department to add a manure storage facility that allowed him to suspend manure spreading in winter and protect the Trimbelle River from runoff. Hendrickson has acreage in both the towns of Martell and Ellsworth.

His project benefitted a downstream project where the DNR and Trout Unlimited were working to improve fishing in the river.

The publication also includes full-length stores of a couple who are working with conservation offices in Taylor and Marathon counties to revitalize small farms and convert them to pastures; a success story from the Mercer area that helps control runoff from paved surfaces and a profile about an expanding Waupaca County dairy farm that has done so while protecting the nearby Wolf River while boosting employment and tourism for the area.

There are also briefs about projects in, Buffalo, Clark, Jackson, and Marathon, Trempealeau, Waupaca, Vernon and Washington counties.

The report was presented to members of the state Land and Water Conservation Board at the group's regular December meeting.

Conservation efforts in Wisconsin are a cooperative effort involving the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection; Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service. The report includes tables listing the many projects undertaken by the agencies along with county conservation departments and landowners.

View the entire report at: