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Letter: Attack ads divert attention from record, he says


Congratulations to John McCain and his ""straight talk express" for deciding to go negative early with a brand new smear campaign to follow the earlier "Obama is a secret Muslim" whispering campaign.

Obviously, it is very important that the coming election not become a referendum on the disastrous policies and criminal incompetence of the Bush Administration--whose policies Sen. McCain has supported about 90 percent of the time. And we certainly wouldn't want people to notice the $500 billion federal deficits--not counting Iraq--that "conservatives" like McCain and Bush have created. Or the eight-year war on the Constitution. Or notice the fact that literally all of the income gains of the last eight years have gone--as usual--to the top one percent income group, while the other 99 percent are worse off. And we certainly want to avoid discussing the fact that the dollar has lost about 40 percent of its value.

Clearly, what is needed is a series of attack adds to divert attention from their record, and terrify the public into supporting another four years of the marvelously successful Bush Administration. You know, like the wonderful 2004 "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" campaign paid for by the Texas real estate billionaire. Sure, they turned out to be lies, but he saved tens of millions in taxes.

Ron Zaudke