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Letter: She seeks support for school supply drive


Four years ago, I wrote a letter to Pierce County residents asking for assistance for one of my co-workers, Mr. Ryan Casper, an Ellsworth High School social studies teacher serving in Iraq.

Mr. Casper saw a need in Iraq to do something positive with the civilians there. With assistance from the students and staff at EHS, as well as a great outpouring of community support, we were able to send Mr. Casper enough supplies to outfit a number of local Iraq schools. While doing so, he made a positive impact on the Iraqis he met.

In June, Mr. Casper was re-deployed to Afghanistan. He arrived there last month after training and preparation throughout the summer. One of his first goals upon entering the country was planning a good will effort. After a few weeks of acclimating himself to the situation in the war torn country, Mr. Casper asked for help in supplying school children there with much needed supplies.

The volunteer group I advise at Ellsworth High School, Just Do Something, has begun collecting supplies to be shipped to Mr. Casper and distributed by him to children in Afghanistan. Of particular need are back packs, tote bags, stuffed animals, balls, toys and school supplies of all kinds. Anyone interested in making a donation of supplies may drop it off at the Ellsworth Senior High School office to be shipped to Mr. Casper. If you have school-aged children in the district, there will be collections taken in each of the schools in the Ellsworth Community School District, throughout the month of October.

My appreciation in advance for your generosity.

Anne Pechacek

Just Do Something Advisor

Social Studies Teacher

Ellsworth High School