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Letter: He rebuts presidential endorsement editorial


I was glad to see that the Herald endorsement of McCain was the opinion of ownership and management.

It would be very difficult for me to justify paying a dollar and a quarter to a paper whose actual editors had written such journalistic, sophomoric tripe. It's not the opinion itself, that's fine, everybody has opinions and they have as much right to theirs, as do I. Besides the rank amateurism of the writing, the complete void of reason to make their argument is laughable.

One thing I will agree with the authors is that the McCain/Palin ticket does embody traditional conservative values; after all, if McCain/Palin succeed in getting elected, it will be the first time in history that a winning Presidential ticket had both partners found guilty of ethics violations before taking higher office.

After getting the unoriginal talking points from the radical right, the Herald warns against having Democrats in control of all three branches of government. Using typical fear tactic language, the Herald in all its wisdom warns us of everything from God forbid, "corruption" and "economic disaster." After reading that, I had to ask myself if the authors of that piece have read any other newspapers, turned on a TV or radio, been to a gas station or a grocery store in the last eight years.

Any person with the sense that God gave a goose can see that we are in the middle of an economic disaster. I didn't see the Herald saying a "divided government" is good when the GOP was in control of everything that led to our current mess.

I further agree with the Herald piece that we need a steady hand. That hand does not belong to John McCain or that one who can see Russia.

Martin Gaslin