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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Letter: Time to prioritize school budgets, trim fat, he says


We have a non-prioritized spending problem in this state.

Madison has given us a $5 billion deficit this year. Our school district is approximately $1 million in the hole, maybe more.

Regardless of the economy, government and schools keep a negative balance sheet. Only by accounting gimmicks, which would put a taxpayer in jail, are they able to make the accounts look positive. The taxpayer is forced to fork out the dough and that by a "gun" to his head.

Schools keep taxing more to cover their deficit and keep up their indiscriminate spending. They expect the taxpayer to cut and budget and forego his needs and wants like some buffoons who say "...If you will only buy one less cup of latte a week." Or "...if retirees would get reverse mortgages..."

The largest expense in the state budget is K-12, consuming a whopping 45 percent of taxes. Accompanying are bar graphs from 2000 and projected spending so far in 2008 from the state.

WEAC spent $2.1 million of our money to get tax and spenders elected this last election. They want to remove the state levy cap on school spending and other controls. Imagine what the new bar graph will look like when that happens.

It is time to prioritize school budgets and trim the fat. Furthermore, other economic indicators need to be added that will determine revenue increases, staff and administrative growth. Our local property taxes have increased 62.51 percent from 2000-2006. That is 10.42 percent per year so far.

The school board needs to stop playing games with us via the Long Range Planning Committee composed of individuals with conflicts of interests.

Sanjeev Dhawan