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Letter: They urge board to reduce or freeze wages, benefits


To: The Ellsworth Community School District Board (Board):

From: The Concerned Citizen Committee--Composed a group of citizens of the Ellsworth Community School District (hereafter the ECSD) electorate.

WHEREAS; following the rejection of the referendums presented by the ECSD, by the majority of the electorate and;

WHEREAS; the local, state and national economies are undeniably in a recession of historical dimension, with neither a bottom or duration in sight and;

WHEREAS; over half a million workers have lost their jobs, with many more anticipated to be terminated and others having had to take wage and benefit cuts or had them frozen and;

WHEREAS; employee wages and salaries comprise 80 percent of the ECSD budget, with proposed increases amounting to approximately a half million dollars, which approximates the anticipated budget shortfall and;

WHEREAS; reducing key staff positions to meet budget constraints, reduces the ability for the school to fulfill its primary mission;

THEREFORE; The Concerned Citizens Committee urges the Board, in meeting the '09 -' 10 budget constraints, to reduce or freeze wages and benefits during this period of historic, economic crisis. And, if the Board has any doubt about the will of the majority of ECSD electorate's wishes on this matter, that they review the results of the last two referendums and/or survey the electorate's opinion on this matter, before making a decision.

Nicholas E. Even

Bay City

Edward J. Holdorf


P. Leland Skog

Bay City

Joanne Skog

Bay City

Kenneth Peterson


Selba Schoeder

Bay City

Bernard Schoeder

Bay City