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Letter: Board can choose to reduce staff or withhold increases, they say


Continued from the Jan. 21 Herald...

The Ellsworth School Board has a choice. They can choose to reduce staff or withhold increases.

Withholding increases and/or reducing salaries, if necessary, would be in line with the equitable decisions other employers have made to maintain their work force and not put the full burden on the very few that are often the ones who can least afford it. To withhold increases and, if necessary, reduce the wage package would put the quality of the children's education first. Yes, the employees can refuse and some may choose to leave -- but that also would indicate where their priorities lie.

Education needs a long-term, balanced and flexible approach to financial and academic issues to thrive in the 21st Century. "Business as usual" is not going to cut it. Education as well as all levels of government needs to re-think best business practices. Our future, our children's future and our nation's future depend on it. We need a fresh, thoughtful approach to our economy viewed through the lens of sound values and sustainable measures that will benefit the larger community -- not special interest groups.

The dawn of a new day is needed.

The Concerned Citizen Group

Edward J. Holdorf


Nicholas E. Even

P. Leland Skog

Joanne Skog

Bernard Schoeder

Selba Schoeder

Bay City