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Letter: She wonders how those responsible have avoided blame for collapsed economy


Rush Limbaugh is again being touted as a possible leader of the Republican Party.

He had said that he hoped President Obama would fail. Why hasn't he been run out of town as being anti-American, unpatriotic, as anyone in the Bush Era was labeled who questioned the wisdom or necessity of making war on Iraq? No one dared question the trillions allocated for a useless war, but now there is partisan opposition for funds designed to allow the middle-class American in out of the cold of recession. That, to me, adds up to a betrayal of American Democratic goals and principles.

Rush Limbaugh is no fool; he would never have made that statement if he didn't know he could get away with it. I am puzzled how those in power the last eight years have been able to avoid any outrage or responsibility for the fact that the free-market principles they supported and brought into play are responsible for the collapse of our economy. Where are the media who we need to bring home this fact? Seems to me that the Republicans brazenly believe that we are too dumb or preoccupied to connect the dots.

Significantly, Milton Freidman stated that his economic principles could never be installed in a democracy. If we should become a failed state economically, the Milton Freidman conservatives would move in with capitalistic free market policies to wipe out any nationalistic endeavors, to wipe out the middle class lifestyles and mire the poor in deeper poverty, in effect moving toward a feudal society. Do we really want to slide in that direction?

Jean LaPlant

Maiden Rock