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Letter: All he's asking for is fair trial with his attorney, he says


In my opinion, based on court records and provable facts, the "justice" system in Pierce County seems interested only in convictions, not the truth.

I was in court there for a "Machner Hearing," the first step in obtaining a new trial, based on "ineffective counsel." This hearing requires the defense counsel in a case must be put on the stand to testify to their actions/inactions during the original trial. Although he was subpoenaed, the judge permitted him to not appear.

At my hearing, a forensic expert, recognized throughout Wisconsin by both prosecution and defense, testified "to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty" the "evidence" used against me at trial was wrong. Instead of trying to dispute what the expert testified to, the district attorney attacked the expert's character and credentials. The district attorney stated none of the expert's testimony would have been allowed at trial, and his statement was upheld by Judge John Damon of Trempealeau County, who presided.

During my hearing, my family members testified certain testimony and evidence used at trial were also wrong. Their testimonies were also disregarded by both the prosecutor and the judge.

In addition, a state's witness, whose conversation with me three years ago that was taken out of context at trial and treated as a "confession" by the prosecutor, was ready to testify concerning a certain conversation she had with the "alleged victim." She was prevented from testifying when the prosecutor stated her testimony would be based on "hearsay," and the judge upheld this.

The prosecution stated he didn't see any need for the hearing to continue, Judge Damon agreed, and told my appellate attorney to "take it to the next level."

All I'm asking for is a fair trial, with my attorney, not a public defender, to prove my innocence.

Paul B. Krauss