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Letter: Worry more about 490th road, bridge than trees, she says


In response to Nancy and Betty's letters, I am in total agreement about 490th Street.

I also wonder why they were so intent on destroying out of the way, old and beautiful trees.

It seems to me they should concentrate on the disrepair on the road, which has no gravel, and the old bridge. There are ruts by the bridge that could cause you to hit the bridge, especially when it rains. Wouldn't it be better to fix the bridge and road?

It also appears to me someone has a monopoly on the wood from this for their own purposes, who is lining their pockets from that?

Why couldn't a nice trimming of the trees be done back a few feet? I have seen this on other roads. And what a mess they left. And how long do we have to look at these ugly stumps and roadside?

I would worry more about someone hitting the bridge rather than the trees, like they said.

Gloria Stockwell