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Where are the dead Canadians, he asks


So where are all the dead Canadians?

You know, those poor folks dying from all that supposed rationing caused by that terrible "socialized medicine" they have up there. There must be thousands of them dying while standing in line trying to get into our glorious "free-market" health-insurance system, right?

At least that is what we keep hearing from Republicans getting their fact-free talking points from the usual sources and Fox Fake News.

For the record, when you are sick in Canada, you go see a doctor, and get treated. There is much less "rationing" in Canada than in the U.S.--where the rationing is done by corporate bureaucrats, who are sucking off 30 percent of the money supposedly going for medical care.

The Canadian system costs half that of the U.S. and covers everybody. No one there is refused medical care because of a "pre-existing condition"--no one is bankrupted because some corporation denied them coverage. Of course, they also don't have hundred-million-dollar-a-year insurance CEO's peddling nonsense to the public while they line their pockets. Nor do their doctors have to spend hours of each day filling out forms to satisfy some insurance company.

I have personally traveled to every province in Canada save one. Is it a perfect system? No. But I have never heard a Canadian express a preference for the U.S. system. Any Canadian politician suggesting that would be laughed off the stage.

And spare us the crocodile tears about "government bureaucrats." The government-run Medicare system has three percent administrative costs, compared to 30 percent in the private sector.

Costs? Medicare costs were relatively under control until Republicans created a trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry subsidy and called it a Medicare benefit.

Ron Zaudke