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Letter: Farm Tech donations don't benefit host family

TO THE EDITOR: Fundraising efforts for Pierce County Farm Technology Days (PCFTD) continue as the July, 2010 show approaches.

Along with revenue from sale of commercial vendor space, gate ticket sales and donor sponsors, we need cash and in-kind contributions to help pay expenses.

Our goals of $170,000 in cash sponsorships and $150,000 of in-kind donations represent 25 percent of the estimated $1.3 million needed to produce the event. Expense for items like tent and generator rentals and liability insurance will exceed $100,000 alone.

None of the fundraising dollars are being used to assist with the recent expansion of facilities at host family Roger and Bev Peterson's farm. Their decision to expand was made independently, based on family members wanting to become more involved with the dairy farm permanently.

They are modernizing their dairy operation for their family farm needs. Like many Wisconsin dairy farms, enabling a transition from one generation of family members to another is an important planning step. The timing of their project is purely a coincidence.

They are making an extraordinary sacrifice to host the show and receive no net gain. They'll only be reimbursed for crop inputs such as fertilizer, seed and pest management on the 450 acres used for the 2010 show. They're generously donating their farm site as good agricultural citizens.

Any net profits from the 2010 show will be returned to the county by way of scholarships, gifts to foundations and groups like 4-H and FFA.

PCFTD is a registered non-profit so gifts are tax deductible.

Anyone is invited to attend the next fundraising meeting at 7 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 17, in the EOC room at the courthouse. To learn more, call me at (715) 639-2630 or visit for more information.