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Editorial: Tune in before making your choices Nov. 2

The fall elections are less than two weeks away. Turn on TV and mud-slinging attack ads are everywhere. It's hard to tune them out, and most have nothing to do with Pierce County and western Wisconsin.

That doesn't mean, however, that local voters have nothing to decide. We do.

Starting last week and continuing this week, the Herald is running profiles and information about a range of candidates seeking public office in the Nov. 2 election. We are striving to make these news pieces balanced and straightforward so you can make your own informed decisions. Also, next week's paper will include reminders about where and when to vote, plus a recap of key races.

Further, those who go online to our regional website at can click on the "Elections" tab on the top left side. In our elections section, you'll find a grouping of stories, profiles and candidate information, including coverage of the congressional, U.S. Senate, Wisconsin State Senate, Assembly, county, governor and state attorney general races. The list will grow as more content is added. We invite our readers to check this website for the latest election information.

The Nov. 2 elections are generating strong interest on the national and state levels. The political winds seem to have shifted, but how strong will they blow on election day? Will the "change" movement brought by Obama in 2008 hold on in 2010, or will the "change" be in another direction?

There are many independents out there who haven't decided how to vote. If you fall into that undecided category, we believe the Herald's print and online political coverage offers reliable, unbiased information to help you decide.