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Viewpoint: Stop fleecing Wisconsin taxpayers

Wisconsin families work too hard to let the government waste their money on flashy buildings and unnecessary projects. In the spirit of the great, late Sen. Bill Proxmire, I am continuing his work shedding light on government agencies and projects that waste your hard-earned tax dollars.

The Federal National Mortgage Association, or more commonly known as Fannie Mae, is currently in the process of consolidating its offices from three buildings across the Washington D.C.-metro area to one central D.C. office. Fannie Mae selected a new property to be built at the location of the old Washington Post building, and will cost a staggering $151 million, footed primarily by taxpayers.

The people of central and western Wisconsin shouldn't foot the bill for a flashy new government building, featuring spiral staircases, rooftop decks, and three-glass enclosed aerial walkways. The inspector general for Federal Housing Finance Agency said it doubted whether the building is "appropriate for an agency in conservatorship," and exceeded the original cost of the building project by more than $30 million.

The government needs to spend your taxes more efficiently. I will continue to keep a close eye on how the government is using taxpayer money and fight against government waste.