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Viewpoint: Share your thoughts on the upcoming farm bill

Those of us in rural Wisconsin know that one of the most important bills for growing our local economy and creating jobs is the farm bill, which will be coming up for review soon. With Wisconsin's agriculture sector contributing over $88.3 billion annually to the economy I want to hear directly from you about what your priorities are.

Recently, I held a productive roundtable discussion with a group of dairy farmers at the Koller family farm in Mondovi. The farmers brought up a number of pressing issues they are facing including failing infrastructure, low milk prices, labor shortages and problems with dairy programs.

As a proud Wisconsinite and representative of a large farming district and state, I look forward to working to make sure policies that create jobs, expand Wisconsin farming opportunities, and grow the local economy are included in the upcoming farm bill. I have long fought against proposals that give taxpayer subsidies to large agri-businesses, instead focusing on providing an opportunity to the small family farmers that support Wisconsin's economy.

I have long believed the best ideas come from Wisconsinites. In the coming months, I will continue traveling throughout western and central Wisconsin to hear from farmers about what they would like to see in the farm bill. However, you don't have to wait till then to share your thoughts. Please reach out to my office by visiting or calling 608-782-2558.