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Letter: Worries about Skeeters ball team unfounded, he says


While I understand the Skeeters are a new baseball team and entry into the SCVL was justified, I believe that the worries of Ellsworth and Bay City are unfounded at this time.

The Skeeters target demographic seems to be the kids that don't get a chance with either of the other teams. Mainly, recent high school seniors and others who are on the "bubble," but may not be ready for the Hubbers or Bombers at this time.

What better than a developmental league for those players to get playing time and experience at the higher level while waiting? How many athletes have not had the chance to play at a different level after high school because the veteran-full rosters of the Hubbers or Bombers didn't allow that? This team can be a great partner with both other teams and also allow fans a chance to see some different baseball.

When it comes to baseball, more is better, especially with the opportunity to make our area rich in opportunities for players. Cracking that roster with the other teams may not come as easily and some talented players may move on to "beer league" softball or give it up all together. After several years involved in the Ellsworth Baseball Association as a coach, traveling coach and board member, I know there are plenty of kids who want to play.

Gary J. Person