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Editorial: Prospects for good race

Hope exists that the local state senate race will be decided by real issues and not personal attacks and put-downs.

There are two reasons to hope. Current Sen. Sheila Harsdorf, while a staunch defender of the Republican Party line, isn't known to engage in such attacks. She has kept her cool in past campaigns, particularly one in which she defeated incumbent Alice Clausing in a hotly contested election.

Alison Page, a longtime and very competent River Falls School Board member, is poised to challenge Harsdorf. The two women are friends. Page was once Harsdorf's campaign manager.

Page bills herself as an "independent," but says Democrat priorities that emphasize the economy, environment, health care and education are aligned with her views and motivated her to seek office.

She adds this about her bid to get elected so she can champion these priorities: "I'm not running against Sheila. I'm running for senate."

Great promise. We'll see if Page keeps it.

The concept of candidates explaining why they deserve to be elected and not why their opponents shouldn't be elected is rarely followed. One need only look at the hostile squabbling among the primary presidential contenders to see this.

Candidates, please, by all means, outline your credentials, your vision, your problem-solving ideas. Leave the rest to us. We'll decide if the other guy measures up.

The same can be said for party finger-pointing, which uses this formula: Those bad Democrats are doing this again...blah, blah, blah...Why no, those nasty Republicans are doing that again...blah, blah, blah.

Enough! Tell us your plan, then stick to it. Skip the finger-pointing--personal, party, whatever. Give us voters some credit. We'll arrive at our own conclusions.

So best wishes to that type of senate race between Sheila Harsdorf and Alison Page. The same goes for the District 30 state representative race between incumbent Kitty Rhoades and Town of Hudson challenger Sarah Bruch.

Who knows? Hope springs eternal. We may be surprised leading up to the November elections.