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Letter: Dems must end war, not just talk about it, she says


It appears that John McCain will be the Republican presidential candidate.

Recently, a McCain supporter asked me what I thought of his choice. My answer was, "he is too old and too short." Sizing me up momentarily, the McCannite said: "So are you." True enough, but I am not running for president.

However, I do agree with McCain, who once told Democrats that if they are truly serious about ending the war, they should bring up a bill to stop the funding for it and then end it.

Our 34th president Eisenhower ran on the promise to end the Korean conflict. He also rejected the idea that keeping up the fight was necessary. "If someone talks to you about a preventive war," he said, "tell them to go fight it."

A majority of Americans want this war ended, so 2008 should be a landslide for Democrats, but only if they do more than just talk about ending this war.

Helene Sherman