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Letter: Pamida should be of some help, he says


So I hear that Pamida is now open.

Are you Pierce County citizens happy that they decided to open this store in Ellsworth? How should they help?

Well, as things are not looking so good due to the price of gas, Pierce County would like it if Pamida would hire some of the capable clients from a sheltered workshop. It would be of some help to the taxpayers who get real mad and angry over the bureaucracy issues.

So why is it that Hudson is said to be getting a new sheltered workshop when there is already one in New Richmond? Will the Hudson facility be the new place for the Pierce County clients when they want out and will not be working west of here any longer?

A Wisconsin federal investigator approached me some time ago and asked me if I would have any information about why Pierce County clients are getting less pay and why they are given soda pop along with their medications. Some of these clients are diabetics and we know you don't give soda pop with a lot of sugar to a type I or II diabetic.

Let's hope these Pierce County clients who want out more than ever do so so they don't become victims of slander. Let's hope if the new Hudson center becomes a work place for Pierce County clients that bureaucracy will not have a presence there and that a restraining order will be allowed so this never happens. Let's hope, as the feds would like to see, that Pamida will hire five to nine clients and be of some further help to Pierce County taxpayers.

With the bridge issues, it may be wise to work within the state they live in.

James A. Wedde

Red Wing