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Old Cow Belle: 'Earth' Day?

I have read that many people become depressed when Christmas is past. Maybe it's a "let down" following the anticipation and the rush of preparations? They might feel that Christmas is over.

But we shouldn't say "Christmas is over"'s never over. It is really a beginning...the beginning of knowing our Lord Jesus as a human being too.

One day I got to thinking about that. Jesus ALWAYS existed with God, long before the world was even created...but made Himself a little human baby here on earth. We should call His birthday "Earth Day" to recognize that wonderful fact that he came to "earth" to be as we are, for a short time. To grow, to teach, and then to die on that cruel cross, so that we can live "as He is" in Heaven when our time on earth is past.

Wow! I couldn't have thought up that one all by myself! He must have put the idea in my head.

January, Favorite Month?

I had a very dear friend, Betty Wyss (who passed away several years ago), who used to tell me that January was her favorite month of the year. She called it her "Be Good To Betty" month.

Betty was a talented painter, quilter, writer, poet and, in January, she would concentrate on doing the things she liked to do best. She, too, had a large family and I am sure Christmas was a busy time for her. So in January, when the rush was over, she could relax and have more time for her art work. She painted beautiful water colors, portraits of her grandchildren, made quilts for her children and grandchildren, and made small note cards with scenes of birds, flowers, etc., besides large, realistic flower pictures. Her basement was turned into a studio, where she spent hours, creating.

She suffered from a rare eye disease and later died from ALS.

I miss her visits, her letters and, in the last few years, her e mail messages.

A year or two before her death, she and her family shared a trip to Switzerland with relatives. She gave me a CD of their trip, and I like to take it out and see them all again, enjoying that beautiful country.

Betty and I became acquainted when our sons were born at the Menomonie hospital in 1955. She had Timothy Roger and I had Bruce Wayne. During the following 50-plus years, we kept in touch, by letters, visits, phone calls and e mails. Even if several months would pass without communication, whenever we got together, we would take up right where we left off.

I never formed a bond like that with any of the other "new mothers" when the other three children were born.

Isn't it funny, how some friends never really seem to leave you, even when they are gone from this earth? Betty will remain in my memory and my heart until the day when I join her in Heaven, and then we will take up our conversation right where we left off

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