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Old Cowbelle: The Egg and I

Do you remember the book "The Egg And I"? I think it was written by Peg Bracken. It's so long ago since I read it, I don't remember what it was about, but I know it was humorous.

A while before Easter a friend was telling me how she dreaded peeling the shells off hard boiled eggs she was going to use for deviled eggs. I told her how I have always done it, and it has always worked well for me. I think she was doubtful. She asked me "But will it work on really fresh eggs?" I said it always has.

A few days later she called me, elated, telling me that my method really did work. Even with fresh eggs. She said I should share that with readers. So I will. I suppose I must have learned it from my mother, since I've always done it this way. Too bad I didn't share it before Easter.

When the eggs are boiled as long as you want them, don't cool them. Just drain off the hot water and then shake them in the pan to break up the shells. You can use a spoon to do that but don't take too long. Then, immediately run cold water on them and pick the shells off. They will slip right off.

I never know how long they should be boiled, so when I think they might be hard, I poke a sharp knife into the center of one, and if it comes out runny, I just boil it a little longer. (Not very professional, is it?)


Playing Cards

One of the sad things about getting this old is that the grandkids eventually outgrow me. Those big tall people, who once were little imps, used to spend lots of time with Grandma. As they grew from babyhood into intelligent young people, some of them used to play cards with me. (Actually, I guess I am the one who taught them card games. Unfit Grandma?)

But they have outgrown that too. Travis and Dusty used to stop in occasionally and play a game or two of gin, my favorite, before they got too busy with life. About the only time I get to play cards is when Sarina spends a weekend with her dad. Then she and I sometimes sneak in a game or two.

I know that, in the scheme of things, the value of playing cards ranks right up there with crossword puzzles or dominos, useless. But I tell myself it is keeping my brain active.

Sometimes I wish there was some other old lady in the neighborhood who would stop in once in a while and play a game of gin with me at my kitchen table. No money, no booze, no cigarette smoke, not cut-throat, just fun, and just coffee......and perhaps chocolate?

I know, you are saying, "Why doesn't she think of some worthwhile activity instead, like Bible study or volunteering at something?" I do spend time in my Bible, and I do some prayer volunteering on line. Just need a little diversion before my brain goes numb.