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Old Cowbelle: Lime Green Birds, Bettle Eggs and Old Age

My bird population is down this year; maybe the lack of snow covering allows them to find seeds and things "out there." I do have sparrows, juncos, nuthatches, chickadees and a couple of woodpeckers, but no cardinals or gross beaks, and only two blue jays so far.

One day, I was watching them peck away on the table beside the feeder in the sunshine. I did a double-take! There were about five of the birds on the south end of the table with lime green breasts! They looked like sparrows, but their undersides were actually lime green.

I grabbed a bird book to see if I could identify them, but no such luck.

I watched a while, and then discovered that the sun was shining on the green plastic table cloth on the table and reflecting on the plain old sparrows, dressing them up a little!

Excitement over; it dawned on me that it was an example of human nature, more impressed with outward appearances. No excitement in a plain old sparrow!

But I am happy to welcome the sparrows, even if they aren't "lime green."

* * * * * * *

Another weird "Old Cow" moment yesterday.

Almost every day, I find a "lady bug" (well, Asian beetle) on the bathroom wallpaper, and I flip it into the sink and send it down the drain. And almost every day, there is a new one.

Then I found these little round black things, and convinced myself they must be "Asian beetle" eggs, and that is why more new ones arrive all the time. So I flush them down the drain too.

BUT, one day as I was washing my black plastic hair brush in the sink, I found some more little black round things. Ooops! They had come off the ends of the plastic bristles of my hair brush, discarding my theory of "Asian beetle eggs."

Wow! Life just gets more and more interesting every day!

* * * * *

I hope I didn't confuse anyone too much a while back, when I mentioned the church service at the Ellsworth Care Center on Sunday mornings. I said 11:30, and should have said 10:30. Just thought I should correct that. Sorry. (Dementia?)

* * * * *

Seems like the years just keep marching on....and on.....and on. When I turned 85, I just had to write one more "old age" poem.


I wonder what's in store to see

in the "lessening" days now left to me?

Too little time, or much too long?

This tattered "tent"'s no longer strong.

I can't help wonder, which goes first...

the mind, the body....which is worse?

I try to smother dread or fear,

as life goes on, year after year!

The days ahead, blank pages 'til

the Lord reveals how they will fill.

At eighty-five, I wonder so

when He'll come to me and say, "Let's Go!"

I pray I will not linger on

until my mind's completely gone!

Oh, Lord, please keep me close to you;

Then, when I die, You'll be there too!

Copyright -2012, Ina Murray