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Old Cowbelle: On/Off Head Switch?

I think it's funny how, sometimes when I go to bed, get all settled down and comfortable.....that I can't turn off my mind! It's not really funny; it's aggravating. I lie there in the dark, trying to go to sleep, and my old head just keeps on turning out nonsense.

I try praying, for all my family, and anyone else who is sick or needs prayers; but my mind wanders off in a dozen directions. I try to plan what kind of tasks I will do tomorrow, but that doesn't take long. Why can't we have an on/off "brain" switch that would take care of the problem?

Sometimes I get up and have a cup of soothing, caffeine free tea and read or get on the computer and play solitaire. When I get tired of that and decide to try the bed again, about that time Bailey decides she needs to go out. Then she cruises through all the rooms to find one of her rope toys. She is thinking that as long as I am up and about, I might want to play outside with her. I don't think so! So I clip her on her long leash and let her out the front door. Then the fresh air makes me more awake than ever.

I let her back in, and she goes right to her bed and crashes. Lucky dog.

Then when I go back to bed, I itemize all the things I have to be thankful for. I do have a comfortable bed, I'm not sick, I don't have to go to a job in the morning, so it doesn't really matter if I am tired.

Then, it seems like just a few minutes and my alarm buzzes under my pillow. And another day has begun.

* * * * * *

Amazing! As I write, we are still in March; and my wonderful people next door have picked up all the fallen branches on my lawn, raked and swept and rolled the whole thing. It's all ready for mowing. And it's turning green.

I don't ever remember this happening so early in the spring. It seems like it always used to be May when this came about.

In the early days, before Bruce had the leaf sweeper, the kids and I would rake and rake and rake, making long windrows of leaves. Then we would scoop them up and haul them away in a wheel barrow. Uff-da! Now that I can no longer do those things, I surely do appreciate the things they all do around here!

They will surely have stars in their crowns one day!

* * * * *


There's something soft about the air,

when April breezes blow!

A clean, refreshing breath of spring,

that follows cold and snow!

The pungent smell of thawing earth,

the subtle hint of blooms,

from apple, plum and lilac trees

escaping winter's wombs!

The very slowly turning green

of trees and fields and lanes,

reveal the miracle of growth,

responding to April's rains.

This sweet emergence from that grave,

of winter, dark and cold;

when rippling streams and bursting buds,

brand new life unfold!

These earthly things their story tell,

of new life out of death;

as Jesus died, then rose again

to give Eternal breath!