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Old Cowbelle: Greg's Artwork

I just can't let go of Greg yet. I know many people have seen and appreciated his artwork here and there and everywhere. But not everyone has seen the depth of symbolism that been included in them, and the variety of wood species that he used. I know he ordered wood from many far-away sources.

The memorial in Our Savior's church, given by Dan and Becky Olson in memory of Mac and Clarice McCarthy, is one example.

I'm listing the parts of the creation and the kind of wood that was used in each. If there was room, it would be nice to have arrows pointing to each one, but you will get an idea of what he had in mind.

--The cross carved from African Rosewood.

--Grapevine and leaves carved from butternut.

--Grapes carved from Purple Heart.

--Representing the lay of the land are Mahogany, Elm, White Oak, Spalted Maple.

--Descending dove (Holy Spirit) carved from Aspen.

--Rays of Birdseye Maple represent the 12 disciples.

--Praying Hands carved from Pine.

--Chalice carved from Myrtle.

--38" Circle made of Cherry wood.

Art work Symbolizes Cross ...........

Faith-Iota Et Sigma -first three letters of Jesus-Greek alphabet.

Brass Circles.....Holiness.

Grape Vine.......Wine-Blood of Christ.

Dove .............. Descending Holy Spirit.

Praying Hands ....Prayer.

Chalice .............Sacred vessel.

ChiRo - first two letters of Christ -Greek alphabet.

Wheat ..............Bread/Body of Christ.

12 rays ............ Communion of Saints - 12 Disciples.

The quotation carved around the entire circle is a favorite of Clarice's, from Maya Angelou. It says "Solitude can be a much-to-be desired condition. In silence, we listen to ourselves, and in the quietude we may even hear the voice of God."

And so, each time I enter our church, I look up at this beautiful memorial, and am reminded of Clarice and Mac, and I am also reminded of Greg.

* * * * *