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Old Cowbelle: Disobedience?

Including the Ten Commandments in our church services is so cool! It's like "getting back to basics." They are always included in one way or another, but this is kind of an emphasis and a reminder.

Although some denominations have a different order to them, they are still "The Ten Commandments," that we older folks had to learn and recite at one time or another. We also had to learn the "What does this mean" part. We surely do break them a lot. (I do.)

So do actors on television, especially the Second one. The "meaning" is a reminder about "Taking the Lord's name in vain," which goes on to say "for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes (used to say taketh) His name in vain."

It bothers me when TV characters repeatedly say "Oh my God!" or "Oh God," not as a prayer, but to emphasize the point they are trying to get across. I know, I know, you are thinking, "It's just another sin Jesus died for. And you are right, but it's sad to keep on doing it when we know better.

To God, it must be like a slap in His face.

Uff-Da! That sounds so self-righteous. Kind of like the kettle calling the pot black. Lord, please forgive!

The Third Commandment, about keeping Sunday holy, often hits me squarely between the eyes. Sometimes it's so much easier to sit in my recliner and listen than to get in the car and go to church. (More and more so, as I get more and more decrepit.)

Anyway, I am enjoying them, making me ever more aware that we need those Ten Commandments to remind us that we cannot keep them; and it drives us to realize we are so in need of the Savior.



I have always said "never" when family and friends suggest I think about knee replacement. It's not getting any better; and people do get tired of hearing me whine.

But I am so apprehensive. For many people, replacements are great and they have no adverse effects. For some, it's not so great. One person I know had to have his new knee removed twice because of allergic reactions and then infections.

I guess I am kind of scared. Scared of the effect of anesthetic at my advanced age; scared of having a stroke; scared of the pain (I hate pain); scared of having a tachycardia episode while under the anesthetic during surgery; scared of becoming addicted to pain medications.

It's kind of amusing; I am not at all afraid of dying, then why do I have all these silly fears?

I think the bottom line is my worst fear of having a stroke or something, and be confined in my old chassis and be aware of what's going on around me, but not be able to speak or do anything about the situation. (Claustrophobia setting in here).

Maybe that tells me that I am scared of "losing control." (I never thought I was a control freak, but maybe I am.)

And just maybe I will forget the whole thing and continue to "suffer and whine."

* * *