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Old Cow Belle: Gratitude

It has been fun watching the Summer Olympics. The participants represent so much training and perseverance! I get tired thinking about it. They have worked so hard and deserve our pride and respect.

Especially when our United States were presented with the gold medals. One thing struck me as humorous: when the men's basketball teams were lined up to receive the gold medal on a red, white and blue ribbon looped over their heads....each one of those big, hulky U.S. players were given a handshake and a little colorful bouquet of flowers. It is a nice gesture, but it struck me funny. (You have to agree, it looked incongruous.) It is heartwarming to see the rivals, after a match or race, give a handshake or a hug to their opponents. Looks like world peace could be possible?

What impressed me most were those few who boldly display their faith and dependence on God. Some make the sign of the cross before competing and some, when interviewed, give thanks to God for winning, or just for the privilege of being there to compete. It is kind of sad that there are so few to do that.

Why aren't more people "grateful"? (I know, once many, many years ago, I was chastised for being so "eternally grateful" in my Cow column.) But I still am. Sorry. I believe that it's important to teach young children to be grateful, and to impress upon them that everything we have, or use, or enjoy are all gifts from God. Yes, the parents do work to earn the money that buys all these things, but God is giving the parents the strength and opportunity to work and earn the money to make all these things available for our use. And sometimes, when things aren't going so good, we should still be grateful (to God) for anything good that crops up in our lives, no matter how bleak the situation seems. He has much better things in store for us if we believe. Wonderful things!