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Old Cowbelle: Rainbows!

While sorting junk one day, I came across an old album, given to me by the late Eleanor Johnson. Or else someone else gave it to me after she passed away. She had carefully saved many of my Cow columns and put them in the album. It must have been in the '80's. Probably 25 years ago, or longer. So I just had to browse through it to see what I had written way back then.

I noticed that, back then, I hadn't put any headings on my column, but one I am sharing could be called "Rainbows." I am including it because a friend and I have had conversations about rainbows in the West several times lately. And Pastor John even mentioned one in his daily devotions online.


There is something so startling about a rainbow in the West. This morning when I went to the barn, there it was, half an arc beginning in the Northwest and reaching to the top of the sky!

Rainbows are such a mystery. And so beautiful. Their colors are like an inside-out watermelon rind with some uneaten pink left on it.

They are such a fleeting thing, lasting only a few minutes. When I was a child, I tried not to believe that a pot of gold was buried at the end. But I don't think I convinced myself until many years later, when the end of one happened to be a short distance from our barn, down in the ravine. I hurried right down there.

I could walk right through it and there was no possible place for a pot of anything to be buried.

Rainbows always make me think of small children with their faces pressed against the window, gazing in awe. Or the green grass glistening as the sun breaks through after a shower; and the sky dark around the edges, but the beautiful colors of the rainbow towering above it.

Rainbows always make me feel good, as though everything is going to be alright.

Maybe this is because, when Noah finally returned to the dry land on Mount Arrarat, God set a rainbow in the sky to tell him that everything was going to be alright, and that He would never send another flood like that one?

There are so many things in our world today that man has learned to control. They even are able to make rain by seeding the clouds.

But I doubt very much that any human being, however smart or strong, could do anything about making rainbows. I hope no one ever tries to tamper with them.

Rainbows...they appear so unexpectedly, are so delightful to look at, and are gone is such a little while. Mysterious, elusive.

* * * * *

Several years ago, I bought a new potato peeler. You know, the kind with the slotted blade. I don't like to use them for potatoes because I like a good old-fashioned paring knife, but I do like to use them for scraping carrots.

This new one never did work. It seemed like the blade was on backwards. I could scrape the carrots if I scraped toward myself instead of away. Irksome. Well, today I discovered something that probably everyone else knew. The little tool was made for left-handed people! I put it in my left hand and it worked just fine, scraping away from me. I didn't know there was such a thing as a "left-handed potato peeler." Did you? Never too old to learn something!

* * * * ** *

Do you remember that old, old song ".....I love a rainy night"? I can't remember the words, but I thought about that song one day when it was raining so hard. Especially when the rain comes straight down, and no wind or hail. I even enjoy a little rumble of thunder. It's all music to me. The words kept drifting through my head, only I said "I love a rainy day." I do, when I don't have to go anywhere or do anything outside. It's peaceful and soothing.

* * * * *