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Old Cowbelle: Back to School

In the fall, when the children go back to school, summer is officially over and some of us have a whole new list of "things to worry about."

Old people like me have pretty much outlived our usefulness because we tire easily and can't do much "leg work," and who have learned that "worry is futile." Instead, we can use this time to pray, supporting and encouraging the many new/old avenues that the school season brings.

First, our children and grandchildren, as they trudge on into new situations--maybe a new school, new teacher, different groups of classmates. We can pray to give the little ones (and some big ones) added courage to face these new things with confidence and hope, that they may find new friends besides the ones they already know.

Second, pray for the teachers, who await new groups of students, for added patience and strength to cope with the variety of personalities, home situations, different levels of learning abilities they must evaluate and deal with. These teachers are the "care givers" of our children and grandchildren day after day in our place. They need our prayers daily.

Third, for the school bus drivers, who faithfully transport their precious cargo every day, during rain and snowy days, besides the sunny ones. Pray for patience when small ones stand in the aisles, or climb on the seats, ignoring the bus drivers' rules. (I think they need nerves of steel).

Fourth, for the coaches who lead and monitor the phy ed and sports activities. Pray to instill in them a desire to teach fair play and sportsmanship, with emphasis on "how the game is played" instead of the sole desire to always win.

Fifth, pray for the friends of our children and grandchildren for tolerance of those different than they are, to show kindness and friendship to new students or some less fortunate than they.

Pray also for adequate funding for all schools, enabling the dedicated teachers to do the work they are hired to do.

Above all, keep in our prayers the Sunday Schools and church schools and all religious classes that resume in the fall that can form a basis for all the pre-mentioned prayer concerns.

God Bless all who are in any way, involved in the care and education (and day care providers) of our children and grandchildren.

These little ones are the future of our country!