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Old Cowbelle: A New Look for an Old Church

Way, way back, when the red carpet was installed in Our Savior's church, and other renovations were made, the altar picture was removed and replaced by a huge gold cross. It was beautiful, but for many years I missed the picture of Jesus praying in the garden.

When Pastor John Sutherland came to be our pastor, he had the picture put back above the altar. I was so happy. Not that the cross wasn't beautiful and meaningful, I just liked the picture better.

Recently, I thought I would miss the red carpet that was installed all those years ago, but Sunday I was so delighted to see the "earth tones" that greeted us. It's wonderful!

Some new pew arrangements add to the "new look." For "back pew" people like me, no one has to sit behind one of those necessary big posts that hold up the balcony.

Shorter pews are now placed in the two back rows, giving a spacious look to the area where you enter. I love it.

It looks like that little "favorite" alcove can also be used for seating. And another improvement, the pews in the alcove to the right are set at an angle, so it easier to see the action at the front of the church without craning our necks.

Whoever had all these neat ideas should be given a medal! I never imagined that, with a little ingenuity, our beautiful old church could undergo such a beautiful new took!

Our thanks to all who had a part and did the work.


Sincere sympathy to the family of Wayne Peterson (Martha's son). Yet another young person gone from our midst.


Today, as I write, the election is only one day away. After tomorrow, our TVs, our mailboxes and our telephones will no longer be inundated with "smutty ads." Wonderful.

By the time you read this, someone will be president. Whether your "choice" is now in the White House or not, life will go on. Maybe our lives will change (for better or worse), but whether you like him or not, please include him in your prayers. Whoever he is, we will need them.

But, cheer up, have hope! God is still in control, and all will be well.

(Incurable, Optimistic Old Cow)