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Old Cowbelle: The Spirit Continues

Isn't it funny how, before and during the Christmas season, most people seem a little kinder, a little more tolerant, have a little more compassion, a little more humor and are a little more patient, than during the rest of the year? Why is that?

I like to think it's because of Jesus' entrance into our world, as a Me baby. It seems like babies bring out the best in everyone, and such a very special baby (human and God) brings with Him the wonder of Christmas.

Even though this miraculous virgin birth gets drowned out with all the commercialization, the gifts, the parties, all the still is the basis for the whole season. And sometime during this time, for all of us, that moment of "awe" comes over us. Perhaps during a Christmas church service, listening to a sacred song or a Christmas concert, or reading a special Christmas message, we just have to stop and look past all the feverish activities and thank Him for coming to our rescue.

This "coming of Jesus" also reminds us that this will not be His only "coming." As we have again prepared for Christmas, it makes us realize that we must also prepare for that "Other coming." Those glowing Christmas lights, colorful Christmas trees, lighted stars, crosses, all the Christmas wonderlands will fade in comparison to seeing Him, coming in the clouds, where He will be seen from East to West, visible to everyone everywhere, to take us Home. We just have to be ready!

That will be the Ultimate Celebration!



I see the New Year coming;

the old year's almost gone.

I wonder what the days will bring

as time keeps marching on?

My old "tent" here is wearing out;

so I cherish every day

while I can walk and talk and write

before I'll fly away.

But looking back, I see so much

I wish I could have done

to make the world a better place

for you, when I am gone.

You're maybe chuckling to yourself

and making up a song;

'The world WILL be a better place,

Old Cow Belle, when you're gone!