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Old Cowbelle: Fantasy Land?

Over a week ago, I finally decided that my Christmas tree must go and I reluctantly removed and packed away its ornaments, and made it ready to set on the East deck.

With green yarn, I tied on a few leftover Christmas cookies for the birds. They like to seek shelter between the pine branches while awaiting their turn at the feeder. They will enjoy it more this year because I didn't put tinsel on the tree. They seem frightened by the sparkling stuff.

And I sure don't miss sucking it up off the floor all winter. Every time "Bailey" would pass the tree and wag her tail, some of it would stick to her and fell off all over the house. (I did one smart thing this Christmas by not hanging it on the tree...)

I am a "creature of habit" and traditions, so each year I like to leave out one Christmas item to remind me and others that Christmas is not just a "one weekend event," but goes on every day of the year.

This year, I will hang the glass angel that Sarina gave me in the window to catch the sunlight. (Thanks, Sarina.)

And away we go into the unknown year of 2013...hoping and praying for better days; a peaceful world, a job for everyone, a car in every garage, a chicken in every pot, cooperation in government, no tornadoes, or earthquakes, or hurricanes, only soft starry nights and sunny days complete optimism all around.

Wow! Am I "full of it!"

But as Dr. Seuss says, "Oh, the thinks you can think!"


This appeared on Facebook (thank you for posting it). No author was listed, but we appreciate whoever wrote it:

Jesus is like a computer:

*He ENTERS your life.

*He SCANS your problems.

*He EDITS your tension

*He DOWNLOADS your solutions.

*He DELETES your worries.

*He SAVES you!


When January is half over, it seems to point to spring. February is short, and then March kind of sounds like the beginning of the end of winter. I don't mind winter, since I can be indoors a lot, but summer is so much more convenient! Just not having to pull on boots and heavy coats, and warming up the car to get the frost off the windshield makes everything easier.

So, let's all Think Spring! Gentle rains, blue skies, green grass, flowers!