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Old Cowbelle: Survival

It was kind of awe inspiring to watch as the very top spire was hoisted into place at the top of the new memorial erected at the site of the World Trade Center.

It was reported to be 1,776 feet tall. Did they choose that number to coincide with the Declaration on Independence? Kind of significant. It is also reported to be the tallest building in North America.

I suppose working on it all these years, at a huge cost, does prove that America will "stand tall" no matter what kind of assault is aimed at her. (Kind of like thumbing our nose at those who caused the chaos.)

I can't help wonder if it is any consolation to those who lost loved ones in that act of terrorism? I hope it is. I hope they feel that this new building is a memorial, not to the Trade Center, but to all who lost their lives on 9/11. I hope that somewhere in that memorial, the names of all who died there will be engraved for future visitors to view.

I also hope that, when the memorial is finished and open for tours, that each Memorial Day, in addition to 9/11, a special celebration will take place, honoring those mentioned there, who lost their lives so very unexpectedly.


Time's a wastin'

I think that is the title of a song sung (maybe written by) Miranda and Blake, and I couldn't tell you what the lyrics say. But that phrase echoes in my head.

My windows need a "spring washing," the logs in my house need a "spring dusting" and time's a wastin.'

It's finally spring and time to do all those things we seem to put off during the cold winter, and time's a wastin'.

It's time to renew friendships that have been neglected. Time to say "I'm sorry" if we have been rude, time to say "I love you" to those who might wonder, time to do some nice things for someone each day.

It's time to be satisfied with what we have and time to stop hankering for things we don't have, (and don't really need).

It's time to respect the opinions of others, even when we may violently disagree. God has created each of us so different from anyone else. If He had meant for all of us to be the same and agree on every issue, He would have used a cookie cutter and made us all alike. But it's more interesting this way.

It's time to step out of our comfort zone and do some things we are asked to do. Time's a wastin'.

For you younger people out there, take advantage of your youth and strength and abilities to "learn, grow, sing, dance, visit your neighbor, join a church, meet friends for lunch.....most of all be happy!!

Because time's a wastin'!