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Old Cowbelle: Sing something that matters

I like music, and most songs, but I like to be able to understand the words. So many singers seem to think that the "louder the better," even on Idol, to the point of screeching. Uff da!

I like Faith Hill, who is known as "The Queen of Christian Rock." I like the way she isn't shy about sharing her faith, and sings a lot of inspirational songs. I listened to her being interviewed one day and she talked about that.

She said one day she visited her Grandmother and, as she was leaving, her Grandmother said, "Faith, wait a minute, I have a favor to ask of you."

Faith is very fond of her Grandmother and said, "Anything you want."

Her Grandmother said, "Faith, when you sing, please sing something that matters."

And she does.

--by Ina Murray

It gives me a lift when famous performers are willing to share their faith with the world through their performances. Like Carrie Underwood, singing "How Great Thou Art," and Alan Jackson's "Amazing Grace."

Also, Mary Tessness, who sang at her nephew's funeral last Sunday. I knew Mary was musical, but I hadn't heard her sing. It was so beautiful!

These vocalists are really using their Gift of Music as God intended.


Dr. Seuss: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."


It was so encouraging, hearing the young people at the Ellsworth High School Baccalaureate Service share their faith with the students and the community. What a wonderful way for the seniors to end their last year of high school, and what a great send-off. I only wish the whole class would have heard it.

We parents and grandparents and friends appreciate it so much. So thank you to the Pastors, teachers, students and anyone who had a part in planning and presenting it.


Happy June Birthdays to: Pastor John, Adeline, Yvonne, Sandy, Terry, Sharon K., Travis, Sarina. God Bless you all!