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Old Cowbelle: The 'smells' of summer

--Ina Murray

I like to open the bedroom windows at night so that, in the morning, I can feel the cool air, and breathe in the smell of dew on the freshly mown lawn. Sometimes, it brings a hint of wild plum blossoms or the new mown hay in Chuck’s field across the road.

I “almost” like the odor of manure being spread on a distant field, not close to home. But I don’t like the smell of the liquid manure from the “slurry pits” when it is sprayed on the fields. Uff-da!

I even like the smell of rain on a newly plowed field, but it seems very few farmers “plow” any more. I think what they do now is called “sickle plowing,” not using the old fashioned “plow.”

I have tried to get a whiff of lilac trees in bloom as we drive by them, hoping to have just one bouquet of them on the dining room table to sniff as long as they last. But now I noticed that they are already turning brown. Scratch that idea.

It has been said that smells trigger memories of past things. Maybe that is why these smells bring back memories of the joy of digging in the garden, pulling out tiny weeds between the tiny carrot plants. (Back when I was able to crawl or crouch close to the ground…and still be able to get up again.)

Or when I was a little child and, on Saturdays, the lawn just had to be mowed, (with the old push mower) clean, line-dried sheets had to be on all the beds, we kids had to be shampooed and bathed, all in anticipation of Sunday.

And on Sunday, dinner (noon meal) was planned and ready soon after we got home from church.

Or maybe the smells just make me hanker for the days when we were actively farming. But thinking about all the work involved, it makes me tired. So I will return to the present and just enjoy the SMELLS without all the work!

I am impressed by the two high school girls in River Falls who are working hard to raise funds to construct a public playground in memory of the three little girls who lost their lives.

There are so many good young people in the world, it’s nice to hear about it, tell about them, just celebrate having them around.

 I hope everyone has a safe, sane Fourth of July! Be careful, and have fun. In that order!

Happy Birthday, Tricia and Amelia!